Monday, 10 March 2014

Tomato and parsley soup shots

The world of raw soups has been a relatively recent discovery for me in my journey of creating wonderful food. Although this tomato and basil soup could vaguely be compared to the famous gaspacho soup; it was this cold classic Spanish soup that I first tried about 12 years ago. Caspar’s mum Maggie, served it to me, and because I trusted her cooking abilities, I gave it a try. She didn’t put bread in it, as it often says to in the traditional Spanish recipes so it really was a raw soup! I think it was this early introduction that allowed raw soups to slip under my suspicious radar rather
smoothly. In those early days I’ve given every ‘cold’ (often raw) soup I’ve come across a try. About 8 years ago I began to experiment with raw soups and discovered I really liked them!

The vitality and freshness that you feel after a raw soup is a revelation. They are quick to make - throw everything into a blender and whizz until smooth, taste, and season to your liking!

Try a couple of ice cubes in the warmer months. For the cooler months, use boiling water to warm the soup, this keeps it raw and vital but warming for the tummy and your insides. 

Makes = approximately 4 small bowls or 30 shots 

4-5x medium tomatoes, roughly chopped
1/4 bunch flat leaf parsley leaves,  (try any of the fresh herbs)
¼ cup apple cider vinegar
1 spring onion finely sliced or 1/2 small salad onion
¼ cup lemon juice
½ cup olive oil
1 tsp good salt or to taste
cracked pepper to taste
1 tsp mixed italian herbs
2 cups water (warm or cold)
1x small clove garlic, finely minced
a splash balsamic vinegar

Garnish : flat leaf parsley leaves.

Optional * 1 tsp savory yeast flakes.

Option: For a special party, add a shot or two of vodka and a dash of tabasco sauce to spice it up!

Throw everything into the blender and wiz until smooth. Taste and season as you see fit. Depending on the flavor of the tomatoes as well as volume, you may like to adjust seasoning.

Serve with fresh bread, raw crackers or follow with a salad of your choice for a complete lunch meal.


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