Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Raw almond mylk

The first time I discovered almond milk I was delightfully surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It was great with breakfast cereal, smoothies and can be used as a substitute in most recipes where you need milk.  
Almond milk is light but nutritious, high in protein, low in fat, is easy to digest, and it is alkalising. Drinking almond milk is a great way

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Chocolate beetroot cake

A good chocolate cake is priceless. I'd pay anything for a rich chocolatey slice of divinity. Something that's moist. Something that is rich and has a depth of flavour.  A chocolate cakes needs to have more than one dimension of flavour going on or it can get

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Digging out an old recipes that you used to cook a lot is like rediscovering old cloths that you used to wear. There's something familiar and comforting about them. I recently made this good ol' babaganoush recipe that I hadn't made for years. I first started making it 20+years ago. Now I can't even remember who introduced me to it? It's been that long! I really had forgotten how lovely it is. It's so soft and light and I love the bold flavours - all of my favourite things. The smoked paprika and dried oregano together, the smokey soft eggplant, the tangy lemon and the earthy taste of the tahini, all those flavors remind me of my travels through