Thursday, 31 May 2012

Millet Patties with Beetroot Relish

Reach for the back of you cupboard and pull out the millet. It's the best grain, so good for you. Here is a little beauty for you to share with the uninitiated or just for your lunch. Patties are such an accessible way for people who haven't tried millet to experience it. They are lightly pan fried, usually served with a relish or chutney and some sort of salad. These can also make a hearty little canapé. They also do well on the BBQ

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pea and mint rissotto with toasted pine-nuts

Makes enough to serve 4-6 main portions

As a vegan or vegetarian eating out in restaurants can be an uninspiring event. As meat and fish dishes take the focus and attention of the chefs, vegetarians and vegans (worst still) don't even get a look in. Some restaurants are better than other but for the most part there is very little choice on a menu for a vegan or vegetarian. Risotto is often one of those choices. A vegetarian or vegan risotto done well is