Friday, 7 February 2014

Rawsome Choc-berry fudge

Anti-ox, died and gone to heaven! This is special…it’s got that coconut chocolate thing going on with the tartness of the berries. With macqui powder, dried blueberries, cranberries & cherries it’s rich is vitamin C and super high in anti-oxidants.

This raw superfood fudge is worth searching for the all organic dried berries, investing in the maqui powder (great in smoothies too) and stocking up on raw cacao powder too. It’s got a great fudge-like texture, and a flavor that
reminds you of something you ate when you were little but can’t put your finger on. That’s what it does for me, anyway!

If you think of food as medicine, as a way to nourish your body but like me, you also like to indulge in a few treats from time to time, then you’ll love this.
I feel no guilt when I eat something like this, I look at the ingredients list and think to myself, “well that’s all food with nutrients, vitamins & minerals, it’s good for me to have it from time to time!”

This keeps well in the fridge too. So you can make up a batch and take out a square when you feel like a sweet treat.

Makes = 24 pieces (4x6 in a 25cm x 15cm x 1inch high slice tin)
1 cup almonds (or whatever nut you like!)
1/2 cup dried cranberries
¼ cup dried blueberries
¼ cup dried cherries
¼ cup coconut nectar
¼ cup maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla powder (or 1x vanilla bean scraped)
½ cup raw cacao powder
40gm cacao butter, shaved & melted gently
2-3 tbs macqui berry powder (superfood)
¼ cup coconut oil
3 cups desiccated coconut

Some of each of the dried fruits
Cacao nibs

Process the desiccated coconut in a food processor for 5-8 minutes or until the coconut begins to turn into butter. 

Add the nuts of your choice and process for 20-30 seconds or until it have been fully ground into a nut-butter like consistency (no lumps if you can help it). 

Add all the dried fruits and process until they have all been broken down and combined with the nut & coconut mixture.

Add remaining ingredients and blend until it forms a ball in your food processor.

Place filling in a lined slice tin (approximately 15cm x 25cm) and smooth over the top of the fudge using a sheet of baking paper. Try to get the top smooth and even, especially in the corners.

Remove baking paper and garnish the slice with a scattering of dried fruits & cacao nibs, pushing them into the fudge. Refrigerate until set (approximate 4-5 hours, overnight is always best!)

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