Sunday, 9 September 2012

Blueberry and banana smoothie with full power

Now that Spring is pretty much here in the Northern Rivers of NSW, I've moved back onto having a smoothie daily.

These warm sunny days bring on an instant feeling of health and the desire to naturally eat more healthily. It's time to shake off the winter habits of comfort eating and being indoors and time to get
the body moving and lighten our food choices. 

Depending what comes into season throughout Spring and then into Summer, is how I choose what I'll put in my smoothie, especially fruit wise. 

Blue berries are just coming in, banana's are in (the ones in my garden are still fattening up and are yet to ripen) and papaya's are here too. Add to that some hemp goodness, maca powder and something green and you have the first half of your day covered with good fuel. I noticeably feel stronger, more alert just in a couple of days. It's incredible!

Maca powder comes from the red radish family and has been used in Peruvian society for a very long time. It has a variety of wonderful health benefits. It's a general hormone balancer so it can increase of fertility, relieve of menstrual symptoms, reduce hormonal disorders during menopause, and great for your libido.
It is an amazing energy booster and can help in reducing of stress. It is also good for improvement of memory, mental and academic abilities (brain function in general), to mention but a few of the wonderful properties of Maca powder!

I have been using E3 live - it's a living algae. It is known for it's great immune boast properties and well as generally increasing energy & vitality. It supports brain function and ability and great for everyday stress. It's high in protein and many trace minerals. I always feel noticibilly stronger and more alert every day that I have this. You can also use spirulina, chlorella, barley greens but any green powder will do!

Hemp is still currently illegal to sell and consume in Australia. The one I buy from my local health food shop is only meant for use on your skin. It's legal in Europe, America, NZ and Canada. Sometimes when applying hemp oil to my skin, I slip a little and it accidentally ends up in my blender! Hemp oil and other hemp food products in Countries where it is legal, claim it is excellent for a generous and balanced amount of Omega 3 & 6 as well as containing all the essential amino acids & essential fatty acids. It's easy to digest and it a general all round immune booster. It's brilliant for all skin conditions and the list goes on.

Hemp seed and oil has been called "Nature’s Perfect Food for Humanity" - a wealth of health for everyone.

So if you are in Australia - omit the hemp oil but for the rest of the world, add hemp oil to your daily smoothie for a wonderful health boost.

Makes enough = 2 large glasses full
1/2 cup blueberries, frozen or fresh
3 medium banana's, frozen or fresh, roughly chopped
1/4 cup papaya,
300ml rice, oat or fresh almond milk
1 tbs hemp seed oil (for use on skin only)
1 tbs maca powder
1 tbs E3 live, chlorella, spiralling, barley greens or green powder of you choice

Put all the ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth. 

*if you are using frozen fruit, you may need to add alittle more milk or water
**For all supplements and superfoods, it can be good to start with a small amount and build up to larger amounts. See your naturopath for proper health advice.

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