Monday, 12 December 2011

Raw Mince Pies for Christmas!

A little something with the Christmas spirit in mind. Although I must admit I have never been a fan of the traditional mince pies. I found the fruit too heavy and rich and with the sweet pastry crust, an odd combination together. I really like this recipe because of it's lightness and the fresh taste of the tangy lime and ginger. It's still rich and christmasy with the classic christmas spices but somehow
it's not too overbearing.

Of course the base is a light almond crust, not cooked, and not too thick.

This recipe is pretty quick and is a great little treat to take to christmas parties or christmas lunch. It's something different but familiar and so far those I've shared it with seem to like it, especially fans of dried fruit! It's also wonderful because you don't need an oven in the hot Australia summer, you simply create it all in your food processor and refrigerate!
I hope you enjoy it!

Makes = 12 mince pies (use approximately 6mm mini flan tins with removable bases).

Mini pie crust
½ cup desicated coconut
2 cups almonds
¼ cup sultana's (soaked for 10 minutes)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp good salt
¼ cup coconut oil

Process the almonds in a food processor until they resemble a fine meal. Then add the coconut, salt and spice and pulse a couple of times to mix. Add the soaked sultana's and process until they have blended into the mix adding a slightly sticky and moist texture to the crust. Finally add the coconut oil and pulse a couple of times until the coconut oil has dispersed through the mixture. It should resemble a crumbly texture, but when you scrunch it it binds together. Be careful not to over process the mixute which can look like mush. The above process is quick and done in short burst, simply combining each ingredients.

Roughly spoon a heaped table spoon into each pie case to evenly distribute the crust mixture. Then pinching out the side, work you way around the flan tin until all the side have roughly been covered. Then smooth out the base evenly, spreading the mix and press down the firmly to form the crust. Rework the edges creating a flat rim and straigh and even sides.
Place in fridge to chill.

Mince pie filling
1 cup finely chopped figs
1 cup finely chopped apricots
½ cup cranberries
½ cup sultana's
½ cup currents
1 tsp freshly ground nutmeg
1tsp cinnamon
1 tsp freshly grated ginger (finely minced)
1x lime, zest and juice
1 tsp vanilla paste (or scrap one vanilla pod)
Goji berries to garnish (could also use currents)

Mix the vanilla paste in with the lime juice, then combine all the ingredients together.
Spoon into the pie cases and slightly mound higher in the middle. Gently press goji berries into the centre to decorate.
Chill for 1 hour before serving.

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  1. I made these on the weekend so yummy. I'm going to make some for Christmas how long do they keep in the fridge? Tks for the recipe ��